May 28, 2015

Today is Day 23 of 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting. The ELT is hosting a Town Hall/Informational Meeting this Sunday, May 31st @ 5:00pm

Linda Hartman has asked for prayer for her dad, Bob Jones.  He fell and broke his hip on Monday and will be having surgery this morning, Thursday, at 10:30 a.m. at John Randolph Hospital. He will be having a partial hip replacement.  Linda has to train for a job today, so will not be able to be at the hospital.

May 26, 2015

Update on Ralph Dunn: He is home and sounds like he is ready to plow the back forty :) They repaired his rotator cuff, scraped out the arthritis along with some other repair work and he really sounds good. As always, thank you prayer warriors for your faithfulness in praying

May 4, 2015

Jane Zimmerman’s sister, Diane, and Denny. It has been 2 months since his heart attack/surgery, and Denny is in a rehab facility.  Both of them are very discouraged. He is on dialysis.  PT is working with him but he is very weak and has had problems eating so has lost a lot of weight.  Please pray for his body and spirit to be touched with God’s healing, and for them to seek and receive all God has to bring to them in this situation. Thank you!

May 1, 2015

Cathy Ferraiolo had surgery today and will be going home tomorrow.  She will be recuperating for at least two weeks.  During this time, let’s bless her and the children with dinner meals.  You may go to  and choose a date for delivery.  Instructions are on the site.  Just put in Ferraiolo and the password is 1520.  She covets your prayers for a rapid recovery.

April 28, 2015

Kathy DeWitt friend, a young mother to be went into labor last night.  Doctors administered a steroid shot to calm things down as the baby isn’t due till July 13th.  Your prayers for this little guy to stay where he is for as long as he can would be appreciated.

April 23, 2014

Your prayers are needed and appreciated for:
Shirley Toler’s great niece, Brittany had a very difficult pregnancy and her water broke last night. Her due date is the end of May.  Brittany is at UVA.  Please lift her and the baby up in prayer.
Ken Winebarger’s sister, Jackie is having pain again and is worried that the cancer has returned.  She is scheduled for a scan this Friday.
Renee Plummer’s father, Roger Strange was transported from NC and is now in Chippenham hospital. Blood pressure has continued to drop and is currently 60/40.  Please pray for God’s comfort and peace for this family.  Renee’s husband Jonathan is in town and with them as well.