April 23, 2014

Your prayers are needed and appreciated for:
Shirley Toler’s great niece, Brittany had a very difficult pregnancy and her water broke last night. Her due date is the end of May.  Brittany is at UVA.  Please lift her and the baby up in prayer.
Ken Winebarger’s sister, Jackie is having pain again and is worried that the cancer has returned.  She is scheduled for a scan this Friday.
Renee Plummer’s father, Roger Strange was transported from NC and is now in Chippenham hospital. Blood pressure has continued to drop and is currently 60/40.  Please pray for God’s comfort and peace for this family.  Renee’s husband Jonathan is in town and with them as well.

April 17, 2015

Roger Strange, Renee’s Plummer father.  Roger lives in Raleigh, NC and is currently in hospital unable to keep food down.  Please pray for God’s wisdom, peace and safe travel for the Plummer family. Also for the doctors and care providers taking care of Roger.

Ellen Justesen started chemo and would appreciate if you keep her and her family in your prayers.

Apr. 10, 2015

Update on Kay Haas’s father, Munir Salem Eways.  The visitation and funeral information are on the obituary.  Please remember Kay and all her family members in prayer as they gather for the memorial service tomorrow in Charlottesville.

Mar. 24, 2015

Praise from Shirley & Rob Thornton (Rob had portion of foot removed).  He has healed and is doing very well.  The doctors said the healing which happened very quickly under the circumstances was a miracle.
Barbara Whittington requesting prayer for my neighbor’s niece.  Sherry recently had surgery  and chemo for a type of bile duct cancer.  A recent scan shows the treatment did not work and the cancer is growing.  MCV has nothing else to offer.   Pray that she will be accepted at Anderson in Houston — they currently have 3 trial programs going.

Mar. 20, 2015

Barbara Brown’s nephew Stephen in South Carolina has died.  Please pray for Stephen’s family, especially his mother, and all those who will travel.  Arrangements have not been finalized so we do not know exactly when that will be.  Definitely pray for Barbara — she’s had a really bad week and she is trying to hold on to her sanity.